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Do you live with a dog or cat or have both?

Maybe you’re frustrated because your home smells like your pet’s bathroom and you’re embarrassed to invite guests over to your house. Perhaps you are curious about the root cause of pet odors in your home. You may be the one looking for common sense and effective solutions for stopping pet odors at home for good.

If that’s you…

You Came to The Right Place!

Stop Pet Odors© is here to educate you about a problem widely share by pet owners. It might be something we don’t necessarily enjoy discussing or want to think about as it relates to our pets, but it’s something that we must contend with if we really want to enjoy living alongside our dogs and cats.


There are many websites selling products that promise an odor free home. There are other websites that discuss and educate us about various methods of pet odor control, and there are websites discussing the complicated science behind odors and how and why they occur.

Stop Pet Odors is here to get to the bottom of those smelly details and present them in a simple and sensible way. We’ll explore various methods of pet odor control and showcase products designed to eliminate this nagging problem.

As pet owners ourselves, we have a stake in providing you the best information, backed by honest and solid research and experience, and in a way that’s easy to understand. You can apply it to help make your home an enjoyable place for you, your family, and your guests without that unpleasant and embarrassing smell of pet odors lingering in the air.

Like it or not, cleaning up after our pets and the odors they cause is an important part of pet ownership. It really is a journey as we learn about new products and methods to help eliminate pet odors from our homes.

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